Chemical Treatments

Our wide-range of value-added specialty chemicals and additives, and, provide high-performance solutions to meet the needs of the oilfield industry.

We also able to provide custom specialty chemical manufacturing, blending and packaging solutions for our customers.

Via our fully-equipped R&D and laboratory facility, we work collaboratively with our customers to develop new products and/or improve current products and provide product formulation tests, pilot tests and performance tests.

Waterbased Products

  • SI 30 – a polyamine shale inhibitor for most water based systems.
  • LUBE R – an ester lubricant for high pressure applications.
  • TCM DETERGENT – a drilling detergent used to disperse high solids.
  • TCM SPOT – a spotting fluid for water-based muds.
  • CI 480 – a amine based brine corrosion inhibitor.
  • CI 370 – a film forming amine corrosion inhibitor for drilling fluids.
  • TCM SPOT W – a spotting fluid that can be weighted up as required.
  • TCM ROP PLUS – a product to improve penetration rates by reducing the coefficient of fricition and by eliminating bit-balling.