M-Flow Sure-Cut®

The M-Flow Sure-Cut® meter range operates in multi-phase flows and offers a step change in phase fraction metering for process, metering and LACT applications.

  • Exceptional operational service efficiency
  • Accurate metering in separated 3 phase flow
  • Consistent heavy or sour crude measurement
  • Low life cycle cost: no maintenance or cleaning

Zero OPEX* as a real target

The antidote to complex, costly, cumbersome multiphase flow analysis solutions. The Sure-Cut® is M-Flow’s low cost solution to easily deployable, accurate and maintenance free MPMS (multiphase measurement system).

SureCut® completely removes measurement from contact or exposure to fluids. It is totally enclosed, totally robust and reliable and is modular in design for a zero maintenance lifecycle.


  • Custody transfer :+/- 0.14% absolute on water-cut
  • Multiphase :+/-1% absolute on water-cut
  • Wet-Gas :+/-3% absolute on water-cut

Sure-Cut® technology

  • Sure-Cut® microwave sensing delivers high accuracy water in hydrocarbon measurements
  • Sure-Cut® high frequency sampling can accurately track flow regime transients
  • Sure-Cut® meters the full flow path with no positional bias, for improved accuracy
  • In two phase water in oil flows Sure-Cut® covers the full range from 0% to the inversion point in a single device
  • In three phase flows Sure-Cut® delivers an accurate water phase fraction reading in a full spectrum of hydrocarbon continuous water-cut
  • Across the bulk of the produced water salinity spectrum Sure-Cut® is insensitive to salinity variations

Sure-Cut® benefits

  • High accuracy data and long term repeatability
  • Reduce sampling errors and improve hydrocarbon control
  • High integrity, corrosion resistant carbon fibre composite body
  • Service reliability for process, metering and LACT applications
  • Low service cost with no recalibration, maintenance or cleaning
  • Smooth bore with no intrusions through the pipe wall or into the flow
  • Small installation footprint – can be sited in horizontal or vertical pipe
  • Carbon composite pipe body designed for 25 years life with no intervention
  • Reliable operation with sour service, viscous crudes, solids, H2S and CO2
  • Electronics change-outs or upgrades with no production interruptions
  • Rapid, easy installation or retrofit without specific training required
  • High pressure rating up to 5,000 psi (5ksi)
  • ATEX certification