The SmartCone™, a variable area/beta ratio differential pressure cone meter, is a fluid flow meter that uses a measured differential pressure to provide a robust, accurate, repeatable and optimal cost measurement solution for both gas and liquid measurement.

Combine with a Dynamic Flow Computer to output

  • Flow Rate
  • Total Flow for Actual Conditions
  • Standard Base Condition & Customer Defined Base Conditions

The SmartCone™ meter produces a differential pressure which can be read by any standard differential pressure or multivariable transmitter.


The meter is the first differential pressure cone meter to use artifact calibration techniques similar to orifice plate technology, which is inherent in the design. Each SmartCone™ meter has a verifiable geometry between subsequent manufactured devices using accurate and robust machined castings. It features the unique ability to offer a beta or area ratio change per diameter using interchangeable ARC’s. This allows the metered products’ flow velocity characteristics to be aligned correctly throughout the life of the meter.

The annular flow path between the pipe wall and the cone can be altered by attaching a discrete number of self-aligning and selfcentering Area Ratio Changers (ARC - highlighted in green). Multiple aligning surfaces of the ARC maintain the concentricity of the attached ARC to the integrated cone with the axis of the meter. Positive sealing between the integral cone and the ARC exists to eliminate leaks and unintended disassembly of the ARC.

SmartCone™ Technical Details

  • This meter with a Dynamic Flow Computer can achieve a range ability of 10:1 without the requiring use of stacked differential pressure transmitters
  • Maximum differential pressure: up to 400 inches of water column (100 kPa)
  • Maximum pressure drop at 400”H2O (100 kPa) - For the largest ARC is ~10 psi (75 kPa) - For the smallest ARC (integral cone) is ~6 psi (50 kPa)
  • The discharge coefficient and expansibility equations are built-in the flow computer
  • Piping Installation: 5 pipe diameters upstream and 2 pipe diameters downstream, from respective face of the meter
  • 100 ohm Platinum RTD in the meter body
  • Repeatability: ±0.1% of full scale or better
  • End Connections: Wafer or Flanged
  • Material: All metal parts are stainless steel
  • Area ratios: Three specific area ratios
  • Applicable fluids: All liquids and gases compatible with stainless steel and neoprene seal
  • Differential Pressure Tabs are ½” NPT
  • For special applications please contact our office


  • Liquid & Gas Measurement
  • Well Head Measurement
  • Custody Transfer
  • Fuel Metering
  • Wet Gas
  • Steam & Steam Injection
  • Test Separators
  • Compressor Skids
  • Pipeline


  • ±0.1% of Full Scale or Better
  • Without Stacked DP


  • CNC Machined
  • Concentric
  • Positive Sealing
  • Investment Cast for Precision &
  • Repeatable Surface Finish
  • Metering Accuracy of up to ±0.5%


  • Built to Last
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction
  • Built-in Temperature Port
  • Optional Downstream Pressure Tap

Interchangeable ARC

  • Self-Aligning
  • Self-Centering
  • Precision Machined from 316SS
  • Easy Installation & Removal


  • Wafer or Flange Design
  • Interchangeable ARC
  • Standard NPT Ports
  • Standard Built-in RTD Port
  • Available up to 1500 ANSI


  • 10:1 Turndown with each ARC
  • 3 Available ARCs per meter line size