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Real Time Optimzation Systems is the Field Monitoring system based on opensource platforms

Our stack of technologies make sure the high availability of your data for analysing and taking decision.

real time optimization systems application architecture


We built this platform based on the opensource technology stack. So your project cost will be less as well us the maintenance also very easy

GIS Integration

GIS integration will make the handling of the well easier than before.The wells can be directly marked on the map and visaulize the production on the single click

Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform EXOS will make your portal up and running all the time. It ensures the uptime of 99.9%. We do on-primise deployment also.

Easy to customize

The Real Time Optimzation Systems has modular approach for development. So that all your customization can be done in a very short time.

User Friendly

We follow the internation UI experience concepts that gurenteed the best experience for operating the portal. The dynamic charts can be saved and retrived later.

Mobile Application

Our Real Time Optimzation Systems Mobile App will allow you to access the reports and moniter the wells even while travelling.


3PES Realtime Field Monitoring

3PES realtime field monitering is a modular and scalable software suite that can be configured for applications spanning from a pure instrument service and diagnostics tool, through data validation and condition monitoring systems, to virtual instrumentation and simulation/control applications.

  • Instrument Data Post-Processing
  • Well Test Management
  • Sand & Erosion Management
  • Production data optimization
  • Big data enabled
rtopsys features

Flow and Well Management

3pes realtime field monitoring software

The realtime optimzation system helps to manage and monitor the flow of gas, oil and water. The production alalysis reports will provide the data for analysis and decistion making. The user can import the data in various forms like excell, csv and direct from the field using IoT devices. The output can be a predefined charts, reports and userdefined reports.

  • Well / Field / Zone Based Average Production
  • Pressure vs Volume Chart
  • Gas Oil Water Ratio Chart
  • Decline Curve Analysis Chart
  • PLT Chart

Access Data Everywhere

The most distinctive feature is its ability to store 'raw' data in the database and present the calculated results 'on-the-fly' to the user. This implicates that the presented results are always up-to-date, a change in the calculation method or the raw data is instantly visible.

Our areas of Specialization

  • Control Through Browser
  • Cross Platform
  • Centralized data access
  • Easy to insall and maintain