Our Business

3P is an solutions provider that optimize the oil & gas value chain . 3P's objectives are to provide assistance to the operators and service companies to increase oil & gas recovery from their Wells and Production, to reduce uncertainty, improve asset integrity for the entire reservoir life cycle and make improved management decisions Key areas of the business.

Flow Measurement - Flow Meter

Accuracy in fluid movement

Drilling and Completion

Specialized in petroleum production

Consulting Services

Optimized and ontime project management

3pes business process

Reusable Elements

Modular approach

Flow Assurance

Economical flow of hydrocarbon stream from reservoir

Drilling and Completion

Technologies and services for rigs and floaters that enable the drilling of exploratory and developmental wells ,Fluid control and monitoring technologies—from wellheads to flow back and well testing with greater efficiency and less overall cost and risk.

3pes oil well
3pes flow meter

Flow Measurement

Measuring accuracy in fluid movement enable the local, remote and enterprise-wide gathering of data to optimize the production, separation, and processing of hydrocarbons.

Our Services

Project Management Consultancy

When we offer our Project Management Consultancy package to our Clients, they know that their project lies in safe hands..

Specialized Production Optimization Solutions

A team of specialized production optimization engineers has been dedicated to provide Production Optimization Solutions.

Safety and Environmental

Considering the high importance of the safety and environmental aspects of any project, we have a dedicated team of.